Testimonials (GBS)


CEO & Founder ADO Digital
(Discover Program)

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial bug and have started several different businesses. I was working a job I hated, but wasn’t quite sure what I should be doing as a business, or even that my purpose was related to faith in business. I needed to find some clear faith in business direction.

What obstacles or fears did you need to overcome to join?

  1. I’m a covert stutterer, so speaking publicly isn’t something I initially ever even considered.
  2. Determining if I had the time to implement what I learned.
  3. How to take care of my family and work the program.

What key lessons & skills have you learned while in the Mastermind group?

  1. Combine faith and business.
  2. The art of branding, being visible and attractive to your target audience.
  3. Understanding multiple streams of income and how to build wealth.
  4. How to think strategically, every move is like a chess move.
  5. Clear messaging.

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?

  1. I fired my boss! I was able to leave my job about 7 months after starting!
  2. Rebranded my website.
  3. Increased (and actually doubled!) my fees.
  4. I have a consistent flow of clients coming in now
  5. Booked three speaking gigs.
  6. Become the go to person for industry leaders, experts and personal brands for web design.
  7. Branded myself as someone that builds profitable websites.
  8. .Launching my new services—strategy plus website design (coach & consulting). “Building A Profitable Website: The proven step-by-step system to launching, promoting and profiting from your business website.”
  9. I’m also launching the above as a DIY course.
  10. I was featured in Black Focus Magazine, commenting on the digital divide for blacks in technology careers.
  11. I’m the keynote speaker for the Power of Technology with Sistas in Business, a speaking series with Marshawn.

How do you like working with the team of coaches?
It’s been a one-of-a-kind of experience—so much knowledge and easy to implement information. I love how Marshawn simplifies things. It makes me think of the quote, “Successful people do ordinary things extraordinary well.” Dezmon has been great, I really enjoy the wisdom and learning experience.

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining the Godfidence Business School?
If you’re ready to go to the next level, ready to do the work, ready to stop making excuses and need a step-by- step system, guidance and support to reach your goals, this is where you should be.


Purpose & Permission Coach | Author | Speaker
(Launch ME Mastermind)

I was struggling with finding my authentic voice. I wanted to know how to make money doing what I loved—helping to change people’s lives. Because I didn’t initially value my own knowledge and calling, I kept getting in my own way. I had to overcome the fear of “what ifs!” What if they don’t want me to come speak? What is no one shows up? What if I don’t change lives the way I know God is showing me the vision? What if this and what if that…But what if I do exactly as I was assigned to do and what if people’s lives really were changed? That far outweighed the negative voice in my head…”the little me.”

What key lessons & skills have you learned while in the Mastermind group? How to establish a solid foundation with clarity and purpose. The benefits of working with someone who has done this profitably. The benefit of having accountability with others who are walking the path. The power of getting in touch with and following MY voice.

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?
Simply put, I have actually made money speaking. I spoke at high profile events, worked with two paid private clients (at MY fee), spoke for private groups, and made product sales.

  • Gained clarity around my message and the marketing of my message
  • Self‑Published and PROFITED from my book, Loud Lies Silent Cries!
  • Completed and marketed two success speaking and coaching programs, “The Ultimate Graduation Game Plan” and “Transforming Pain into Power.”

My High-Visibility Speaking Engagements Include:

  • The University of Texas at Austin Multicultural Engagement Center,
  • New Black Student Weekend 2013, Austin, TX (Graduation Keynote);
  • Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals (ULGDYP)‑6th Annual Leadership Development Conference, Plano, Texas;
  • Charlie’s House of Hope 1st Annual Walk‑A‑Thon Against Domestic Violence, Dallas, Texas (Speaker);
  • Teen Town Hall Meeting, (Panel Member)‑Panel for Trayvon Martin Verdict;
  • Power Forward Woman‑Celebrating Women in Business: Dallas, Texas (Speaker, Vendor);
  • Fashion For Hope‑An event Against Domestic Violence, Houston, Texas (Speaker, Vendor);
  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Athens, Texas (Keynote Speaker) Speaking Topic: Fathers, Can You Hear Me?: What Daughters REALLY Need from their Fathers;
  • Dallas Urban Kids Confidence & Esteem Program, Dallas, Texas (Speaker);
  • Antioch Christian Church Women’s Retreat, Hawkins, Texas (Conference Speaker).

How do you like working with the coaches?
Marshawn is emotionally present when you ask questions, which helps because you know that you are really going to get relevant feedback and not a round about answer. The other coaches have been incredible with their expertise in areas such as marketing, list building, and planning out the intricate details of your program. Dezmon, in particular, helped me prepare my program and keynote for one of the largest speaking opportunities I had in 2013.

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining the Mastermind? A program like this is for those who “know” that there is more. For the woman who can’t sleep at night because she’s tossing and turning thinking of new ways to impact someone else’s life. For the woman who knows that her life will not be complete until she is doing what she knows she has been divinely called and purposed to do. Once I realized, after traveling and speaking (fear still existed even when I had booked engagements) that people really were being helped by my story and game plan for moving forward, it fueled me. I gave to them, and in return, they gave back to me, sending me on a true journey of self-discovery and becoming more aware of what I needed to do!


CEO, Morr Solutions Unlimited & The Morr Network for Women

Initially, I struggled with clarity on my purpose and branding. I had to ensure my family was on board with the decision to invest in the program—specifically my husband had to support and be in agreement with (or like) my mentor.

What key lessons & skills have you learned in the Mastermind?
I’ve learned to launch before I’m ready… With an advanced degree in Quantitative Analysis, I had the tendency to over‐think and over‐analyze every thought and decision that was not in line with my current goals and objectives. Additionally, I learned to lead with my passion.

You can’t go wrong with authenticity and staying true to who you are. The Mastermind gave me hope in life AFTER my cushy job!

Has your income increased? Have you signed new clients, raised your fees, or booked more speaking engagements?
This secondary income revenue stream has been amazing. While much of it has been reinvested into the company, we are not operating in the red. This is a great thing for a first-year company. I have also established a retainer fee program for my business-consulting arm. I signed a client this month with more in the pipeline.

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?

  • Re‐branded my non-profit to a membership organization within 45 days of my first mastermind class. I currently have members in four states. Marshawn really pushed me to do this!
  • Launched The Morr Network in Chicago & Dallas. I’m launching in Houston in June and Atlanta in August 2014.
  • Appeared on numerous TV media outlets.
  • Landed 3 speaking engagements in under 3 months (2014) reaching an audience of up to 20,000. Closed 2 paid speaking engagements—one a keynote.
  • Hosted monthly webinars on topics specific to the growth of women for the past 3 months.
  • Finally, I’m producing my first live event, How to Get Promoted Without Interviewing, in Chicago in April! It will sell out!

How do you like working with the team of coaches?
Marshawn is fantastic!! She cares about her mentees and offers real advise (not just the feel good counsel expect) but what we really need to soar. I thrive in community type environments. My learning and growing curves are exponentially greater when hearing stories, challenges, and success stories from people doing the work just like me.

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining the Mastermind?
My goal was to recoup my investment of the program during the time I was investing in the program. I’m happy to report I have broken even and on my way to seeing a return!


Adaptability Expert | Speaker | Coach | Author

Miss Wheelchair USA 2014

What were you struggling with before joining?
Purpose & worth after a Traumatic Brain Injury rendered me both physically and cognitively unable to return to work. I was in bed and rehab. I went from 100 % world travel to NO social outlet or community. I didn’t believe I was cap-ABLE. I could not walk. I had recently regained control of verbal & basic, functional faculties that I’d previously taken for granted. I/we were now a household budgeted for 2 LARGE incomes, scaled down ONE + a disability stipend. I was ashamed. I was confused – not sure how or who to BE.

What key lessons & skills have you learned while in the Mastermind group?
“Your transparency is your prosperity!” Every obstacle is an invitation for a breakthrough. So once I found the MESS in my MESSage and understood that I couldn’t coach myself, I was open to the BRILLIANT Branding lessons starting with my business name and brand makeover. Once the systems were in place, I was ready for the YESes to come in!

Has your income increased? Have you signed new clients, raised your fees, or booked more speaking engagements?
Once I said YES out loud (Your Experience Shifts!). In working on monetizing my movement, I found that my niche was large events and programs. As I invested in these areas, my client base, visibility and bookings grew allowing me to increase pricing and service opportunities.

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?

  • Abilities Expo GA Ambassador & Workshop facilitator.
  • My children published a book, My Mommy had Brain Surgery & I’m Okay!” It’s now a resource for the Shepherd Brain & Spine Center of Atlanta, and our family is featured in the Center’s quarterly magazine.
  • Published the “Art of Adaptability Playbook: The 4/4s for Newly Disabled & Diagnosed Persons.”
  • Family website, books and mission were featured in September 2013 Sixes Living magazine.
  • Speaking engagements at Hopewell Baptist Church, “Your Life is Valuable”; “Feed the Hungry” homeless event Thanksgiving 2013 in Atlanta, GA; “Nite of Hope” Thanksgiving 2013.
  • Named 1st Responder, Adaptability Expert in Oklahoma City in support of 2013 tornado victims
  • Built a powerful social media, eCommerce, podcast and blogging platform
  • Created a Workshop: “Sensitivity, Disability & Differences”
  • Expanded My Book “My Mommy had Brain Surgery & I’m Okay” into Speaking Workshops & Products
  • Created Three (3) Signature Programs
  • Representing Georgia in the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant in 2014!  (She won!)

How do you like working with the team of coaches? What would you say to those thinking of joining?
Working with Marshawn was EMPOWERING & enlightening! There was NO time to be a victim. She wasn’t afraid to grow with…OFTEN!me & talk about it She is extremely GENEROUS with the information & inspiration from a place of GRACE, TRUTH & experience. So, don’t think, move! Prior to my life-altering event, I/we really believed that my life was GREAT (on top) but I was building someone else’s dream. Today, my life is my own & the GIFT I’ve always had has FINALLY surfaced (from the inside out)! Start BEFORE you’re ready!


Life Purpose Architect | Entrepreneur | Speaker

What were you struggling with before joining our Mastermind?
Finding my authentic voice. It was crowded in my mind. I felt obligated to continue building a business with my spouse in a way that was drowning me out, on top of being a wife and mom. I just didn’t see how that could all come together for me. I knew there was more I was supposed to be doing that really focused on my individual voice band faith, but wasn’t sure how to incorporate it all.

What obstacles did you need to overcome in order to join?
My own personal fears, like what if I am not the right one? What if no one wants to hear from me? I was also concerned about success and how I would balance that with my family. I had fears on top of fears and they were growing. I had to finally just shut out all the noise and do it afraid.

What key lessons & skills have you learned while in the Mastermind group?
The journey to find my voice and incorporating my gifts has certainly come to fruition. It is still a journey but I am far more confident now and understand that all that I am works together. I have learned how to monetize my knowledge, leverage my skills, negotiate for what I want, build a platform from nothing, live my life more on my terms, value my creativity & speaking gift, educate others, and so much more. I have done all this without feeling greedy or compromising my faith.

The income increase has been great!
One round of clients has gone through my mastermind & I have a new group of 10-15 starting up next month. I have booked paid speaking opportunities and hosted master classes and webinars that were paid online events. In the first year after Speak for Pay, I have been profitable! I raised my prices after our recent mastermind on both my speaking engagements & coaching fees. I am on track to make 6 figures this year.

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?

  • Founded Tiffany Fulcher Enterprise, The Influencers Institute, and Everyday Influencers.
  • Created 3 coaching programs for women entrepreneurs.
  • Spoke at 10 events and have an engagement for every month this year up thru November. Speaking at 2 major conferences this year with 5,000 – 10,000 people in attendance. And, I’ve been rebooked to speak at the same company twice! Spoke alongside Miss USA Ali Landry
  • Hired a Part-Time staff member!
  • Hosting my first LIVE EVENT in October
  • Hosting a paid online webinar series and started an online school
  • Did a radio feature; Secured more than 50 listeners on my podcasts
  • Launch a website & grew social media platform to thousands of followers (less than 1year)
  • Completed and sold master class called Vision to Action
  • Interviewed with Marshawn Evans online and by phone twice
  • Been a feature of the Launch Me family
  • Had over 10 women in my first coaching program
  • Co-Authored a book, created an weekly ezine, became a guest blogger for 2 large online magazines

How do you like working with the team of coaches?
Not only are we exposed to Marshawn’s expertise but she has a powerhouse team of coaches working with her. As a mentee I had the opportunity to engage with some really amazing people from all industries that provided true value to our core learning. They were also very personable and continued to engage long after the mastermind meetings so you are building lifelong relationships and networks that are very important to have when building a business. The community of fellow masterminds and the accountability has kept me working through long nights and times of doubt. Marshawn has been there not only providing education but spiritual enrichment, praying with and encouraging us with a genuine heart, you really don’t get that everywhere.

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining a Godfidence Business School Mastermind program?
Attending the Speak for Pay seminar was great, I found all the information to be of great value and useful upon returning home. However, the community of women and men I have been afforded the opportunity to work with has been far more powerful than anything I could have received in a seminar setting. The Mastermind is one of the best investments in yourself you will ever make. To be afforded the opportunity to work with such great leaders in such an intimate way is truly a gift. The community, the fellowship, the accountability, the strengthening, and the education its very similar to an executive Master’s program in a cohort college setting with a bit more personalization, and of course faith. That’s unheard of. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?


Leadership Strategist | Coach | Author | Speaker

What were you struggling with before joining our Mastermind?
I struggled with just getting started and needing a blueprint to follow. The fear of starting and investing. Just starting is the biggest step and it’s an investment in my own future.

What key lessons & skills have you learned while in the Mastermind group?
I’ve learned that you have to start before you’ready and that you have what it takes to succeed. God, faith, and confidence in action have elevated my thinking in tremendous ways.

Has your income increased? Have you signed new clients, raised your fees, or booked more speaking engagements?
I booked five (5) speaking engagements booked between April and June. I also signed 10 new clients!

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?
I just launched my own coaching business and had 22 sales within the first hour of offering my very first live event. In fact, the event was sold out with over 50 people in attendance. From that event, I launched another “Deep‐dive VIP Day” and signed 10 more clients. These live events happen monthly and provide recurring revenue for my business.

How do you like working with the team of coaches?
Working with Marshawn (even just over the conference calls and one‐day event) was powerful. Her energy and passion are inspiring. She’s a shining example of God’s love and wisdom in action.

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining the Mastermind?
If you are ready to seriously invest in yourself and a bright future, this program is definitely for you.


Minister | Speaker | Founder, Unlimited Momentum

What were you struggling with before joining the Mastermind?
Before joining the mastermind I severely struggled with ministry and business and how to combine the two and operate in both elements of who I am. I spent so much time trying to distinguish the two that I did not nor could I fully embrace both elements that exist inside me—calling and career. I didn’t really …struggle.it with fear of joining the mastermind was what I needed to do…I needed clarity and direction . My husband agreed and I stepped out and joined.

What key lessons & skills have you learned while in the Mastermind group? I am a woman who loves God and I love what I do in the marketplace. I CAN embrace both elements. And, I just need to follow the systems that Marshawn gives us! They work! My struggles were due to missing systems. I have learned to guard against overwhelm and the process for launching. I’ve discovered: How to identify my ideal client, to turn my passion into profit, how to create products (MFO, masterclasses, teleseminars, coaching system), how to identify my income and cash flow and understanding revenue streams, and how to pitch myself as a speaker (verbally and via email).

Has your income increased?
My income has increase as I have PAYING coaching clients and PAID speaking engagements. My individual coaching clients are investing $4997 for coaching. I am teaching courses at $297 and I average 1 students per class. My paid speaking engagements have ranged from $500-$2500. I am launching a group coaching program called I Can Have and Do It All. Additionally, my MARRIAGE IS STRONGER because my husband and I work TOGETHER on OUR COMPANY! It is amazing how he saw so much in me and it was never manifested until I began to implement what I learned in the Launch ME program. I have learned the POWER OF ACCOUNTABILITY. My accountability partner and I have worked on so much together. I have come further in 6 months than I have in 6 years!

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?

  • Have done 18 paid speaking engagements!! And, I now have products to sell!
  • Launched a weekly e‑zine called Unlimited Momentum with Dr. Saundra Wall Williams.
  • Created Unlimited Momentum Coaching System and Free Offer ebook
  • Created 2 teleseminars: How to Thrive in a Life Storm & How to Stay Focused in a Life Storm
  • Launched my Accelerate Masterclass
  • Increased my email list by 50% (now at almost 900 people)
  • Moving the ministry (T.E.A.C.H. Ministries) to the next level, from ministry to industry.
  • Created a postcard about me! (I would have never done this just last year!).
  • Launched new website and built active social media following with 2100 followers.
  • I have a TEAM! I hired a Marketing Support person & Web and Content Design person.
  • Guest on the View from the Pew TV Show
  • Book: I Can Have & Do It All: 7 Pillars of Complete Life Balance will be released in May 2014.
  • Launching The Business Minded Ministers ™ Network and Institute (September 2014)

How do you like working with the team of coaches? What would you say those thinking of joining?
Working with Marshawn and her coaches has been phenomenal! Being a part of a community has been literally life changing! With Launch ME I had content, community and accountability, which helped me to carry out what I learned. For me, this combination generated outcomes for my success. Make the investment in YOU and join one of the Mastermind programs. It will TRANSFORM your life and your business.


Faith Strategist | Speaker | Life Coach

What were you struggling with before joining the Mastermind?
I had recently started my business as a life coach, and although I had participated in other programs, I still felt lost with my message. I wasn’t sure who I was in the marketplace and needed direction and support.

What fears did you need to overcome in order to join?
The only fear I had was that I wouldn’t be successful. I was afraid to make the investment and not get a return. I decided to have faith in myself and faith in God that He wouldn’t lead me anywhere and forsake me. I felt in my heart I was called to this program, so I followed through with it and answered the call.

What key lessons & skills have you learned while in the Mastermind group?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to believe in myself—that I am the CEO of Y.O.U. No matter what, at the end of the day I have to be able to follow my intuition and be confident in where I feel God is leading me and my business. I have to have faith in my journey, in my calling, and in my message. Participating in this program, and being surrounded by other like-minded individuals has been invaluable. Many times I felt fearful, depressed, ready to give up, and having this wonderful group of entrepreneurs to reach out to made all the difference in the world. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for this group.

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?

  • I have booked my first two speaking engagements for this spring and summer!
  • I updated my website. It is much more client-attractive and a better representation of me.
  • I created three coaching programs to support women in overcoming their fears, find their life purpose, and develop the faith in themselves to go after their dreams.
  • I created my first self-coaching program to support women in creating holistic goals and a healthy work/life balance.
  • I participated in my first telesummit: “From Burnout to Balance: Expert Advice on How to Achieve a Beautifully Balanced Life.” I hosted three teleseminars to launch my coaching programs.
  • I started a networking group for Creative Soulpreneurs—entrepreneurs who have been called to operate a business that speaks to and serves the soul of its clients and customers.
  • I created two coaching programs to support Creative Soulpreneurs in creating, planning, and implementing programs, services & offerings for their clients; time management for Creatives; and taking the stress out of running their businesses by creating stress-free systems to operate more efficiently.

How do you like working with Marshawn and her coaches?
Being a part of a community is priceless. It really means the world to me that I have this wonderful group that I can lean on, bounce ideas off of, and depend on to support me and vice versa. It’s way more powerful than an event or one-time seminar because you are able to implement things and come back and ask questions.
You’re going to have questions, you’re going to have concerns, things are going to come up and you need the support to be there to address them or prevent getting stuck or giving up.

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining the Mastermind? If you are looking to go to the next level in your business, this is the group for you. There is a wealth of information available to you, and a wealth of knowledge within the coaches and the experts you have access to. You cannot do this alone, or if you did it would take you a lot longer to get there. Why wait?


The Confidence Building Coach | Image & Style Expert

What were you struggling with before joining our Mastermind?
I was not clear on my purpose, my message and direction were not clear, my beautifully designed website did not represent ME. I was keeping my God‑given message small. I was not fully connected with my why. I could connect with my audience. I could not see that I needed to protect my confidence from people that were toxic or did not get my calling. I had to learn to accept my gifts as well, gifts I learned that not everyone is able to do what I can do, not everyone is called to do what I do. I learned to be patient and to pace myself.

What key lessons & skills have you learned while in the Mastermind group?

  • I understand that my faith and my business need not be exclusive.
  • I have learned to accept & understand my coaching ability is a gift from God and to treat it as a responsibility.
  • I learned to stop giving my services away for free and undercutting my value.
  • I stopped working with everyone — not everyone is ready or wants to work with me, and that is okay.

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?
My business has income coming in, I have signed new clients, I have raised my fees and booked speaking engagements.

  • Redesigned website, increased my prices, redesigned packages, put more systems in place, tweaked MFO, and posted regularly in social media! Plus, redesigned business cards and got new head shots!
  • Have a daily meeting with accountability partner 5 days a week!
  • Delivered killer speaking presentation, booked 4 speaking engagements and pitched 3 major women’s conferences!
  • Set up Quickbooks. Have a revenue plan for 2014, a marketing plan and paying clients.
  • Really committed to work on my business 100% of the time.
  • Set up a home office/video recording studio.
  • I have a clear vision of what I want my business to accomplish. I have developed new offerings, created my first product “Accessories Video Guide.” I have a media bio and speaking topics.
  • FINALLY comfortable with the idea that my gifts are needed!

How do you like working the team of coaches?
I love how generous Marshawn is – she gives of herself and her time. Her coaches are knowledgeable and always willing to help. The people Marshawn attracts are quality people who are ready to roll up their sleeves.

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining the Mastermind?
Know that the program is intense, and is for people that are willing to the work, to show up and share their experiences. If you are that person, this is the program. The curriculum is fantastic, and the facebook group is a great tool. Your life will never be same. You will think of your business as before the Godfidence Business School and after the Godfidence Business School. It’s the BEST business decision/investment I’ve ever made.


Vision Strategist | Founder, Life-Changers International

What were you struggling with before joining our Mastermind?
Creating clarity and order of my message, and fear of delivering the message (mostly because I was clear!).

Where there any fears you had to overcome? For me, the easiest obstacle was the investment! Typically, the investment may be the biggest fear, but what I found was the biggest fear for me was making the decision to either live in the shadow of my greatest and who God has called me to be, or trample on the face of the “what if’s and hows” or fear and go after my calling with full force! I chose the latter, and as a result of sitting under ME’s tutelage, I am truly walking in the abundance of what God has always had for me!

What key lessons & skills have you learned while in the Mastermind group?
Ha! What haven’t I learned would be a much shorter answer! I have really had life-long answers provided by gaining the clarity I needed to create and launch my voice, vision & ultimately (and finally!) my brand message.

What have you been able to accomplish since joining our Mastermind program?
My income increased as soon as I launched! I am so amazed (and humbled) by the doors God has and is opening just by be finally saying ‘yes’ to my calling and stepping out of fear and into faith and launching.

  • I have reclaimed my value and raised my fees for my workshops and speaking and as a result of raising the bar and banner, the flock is increasing as well! People get what they pay for, and those that know and recognize the value of their investment will come. I don’t need everyone, just those I’m assigned to!
  • I have learned how to bring clarity to my vision/voice/master message, create clear & captivating speaking topics.
  • I’ve launched my coaching program
  • I host SUCCESSFUL & PROFITABLE webinars and workshops
  • I’ve been able to launched my website & grow my social media following
  • I hired a CRM company, created my MFO (Magnetic Free Offer) and established a guiding belief system
  • Ultimately I am (finally!) living and breathing my brand – with clarity and confidence! The breakthrough’s I’ve had have been amazing!! Truly, #LIFE-Changing!

How do you like working the team of coaches?
I absolutely LOVE working with ME and the diverse group of coaches she has introduced our group to. It is much more powerful to be part of a committed community thank attending a one time event or seminar. The accountability of having a concentrated group of like-minded & spiritually aligned people has definitely contributed & supported my efforts of making my speaking company a full-time and life long dream come true!

What would you say to those who are thinking of joining?
Do it! Don’t hesitate! My two greatest investments in my life thus far have been in my children and into MYSELF! Investing in my life’s purpose and dream is bar none! The life transformation I’ve experienced is truly like none other. I am so very grateful that I took the step of faith and have gone on this journey. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am had I not said yes to my dream/vision and yes to the Mastermind Group!