From Confused to Courageous Cashflow: Melissa Nixon

Those willing to leave their comfort zone will get to their glory zone.

Hello Beautiful,

It’s that time again! I love being able to share our Be Inspired series of stories with you.
I’m blown away every day by the faith, passion and courage of Godfidence Business School students—and it makes me so happy to shine the spotlight on them. (And, remember, your story is pre-designed to inspire and change someone else’s story!)

Courageous Life Mentor
Member, Amplify Coaching Program of the Godfidence Business School

Melissa NixonBiggest Fear, Frustration or Challenge:
“I had a fear of incorporating my message of faith into my message of business and leadership because I’d been in the corporate world for so long. I felt incomplete and guilty for not doing this but I just wasn’t sure how to do it. Marshawn was one of the only faith + business leaders I saw being successful in the marketplace. Everyone else seemed to be successful in just the business arena OR just the faith arena. I also really questioned if I could have a successful business on my own.”

Big Action She Took:
“My big action was that I became a Speakerpreneur™ (as Marshawn calls it) by creating my own products and programs. I learned how to speak for pay by speaking to sell and to ask for my value. My message found me as I went through the rebranding process and transitioned to the Courageous Life Academy. As I shared it with others, people’s eyes literally lit up before I could even finish my sentence.”

Big Results:
“Went from $500 to $3,500 per speaking engagement by immediately raising my speaking fee
Raised my private coaching fees to $12,000 per client per year
Landed a $50,000 contract with the Minority Supplier Development Council and a MAJOR sponsor to run their CEO Academy.
Rebranded as the Courageous Life Mentor
Added a new team member: Director, Client Experience and Events Management
Created 4 new virtual products to sell at events and online.
Stopped offering free strategy sessions and created more systems, including intake forms on my website
Booked a speaking gig for $1,500 off of a single blog post!
In my first year, am on track to make over 6-figures!”

Big Advice:
“When your dreams are big you need to be around people who can understand both you and them. That type of support only happens in a community of life- changers. Everyone else simply won’t understand. Godfidence Business School has increased my confidence TREMENDOUSLY!!! I no longer hesitate or second-guess when sharing my brand with others and telling them what I do. I have stepped into owning what I do, who I do if for, and how I do it!”

Join me in celebrating the courageous Melissa Nixon!

She’s a living example of how courageously
leaving your comfort zone will take you to your glory zone.

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  1. Vanessa
    4 years ago

    Awesome, Congratulations to Melissa Nixon! Melissa’s story is great encouragement to keep pushing forward! #TeamCaptivate