His Speaking Income Funds His Business: Major Nippy Betz

Start before you’re ready. #Godfidence 

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The response was phenomenal to our first installment of the Be Inspired series last week. My vision is that these stories inspire us all to change our own story, to believe bigger and to live bigger.
So, today, I want to introduce you to someone very special…

Author, Teacher, Edutainer, TV Personality
Member of the Amplify Private Coaching Program
at the Godfidence Business School

Nippy Betz

  • Biggest Fear, Frustration or Challenge: “I was struggling. I’d run a non-profit for 9 years and had some modicum of success with a TV show and a book that I had written. But I didn’t know that I could use my gift of teaching teens about scholarships to help me earn enough income to share my gift more effectively and with less stress. My big fear (and my wife’s big fear) was having to give up my 6-figure job in order to pursue my passion.”
  • Big Actions He Took: I wrote my book, What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail? and gave dozens of keynote speeches at colleges, high schools and churches. I created a media package and movie trailer. I consistently published my ezine and blog. I hosted a monthly, national Q&A Webinar. I rebranded from “Scholarships 4 All” to “Scholarship Leadership Institute.”

Big Results:  “I overcame my big fear thanks to incredible coaching and mentorship in the Godfidence Business School Mastermind. I am consistently making $16,000 per WEEKEND doing my seminars! I now charge $250 for mini-workshops and $995 – $4,995 for coaching students & teens. I generated an additional $60,000 in the first few months of this – which covered ALL of my living expenses for the rest of the year! My expected revenue for 2015 is in the high six-figures!”

Big Advice: “I would not be experiencing the success I have today if I not made the investment in the Launch ME Mastermind & Amplify Program. When I put skin in the game, I had to succeed. I could never let my wife say, “I told you so” or “I was right,” so I burned my bridges! I told everyone that I was going to retire early. Nobody works harder, longer, and with more intensity than I do because I know that God won’t let me fail if he put this vision in me. If you jump, it may be scary, BUT at some point God will open the parachute of faith before you hit the ground and He will land you safely in your purpose.The monetization of my gift is a by-product of Godfidence!”

Join me in celebrating the inspiring Major Nippy Betz!

He’s a living example of what happens when you start before you’re ready,  put skin in the game, and trust the parachute of your faith in God.

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