You might still have some questions to determine if our Godfidence Business School Mastermind programs are the right investment and training program for you. Marshawn & Team ME have answered some of the most common questions below.

Q. Exactly Who Should Enroll Godfidence Business School?

Godfidence Business School Masterminds are ideal for authors, ministers, coaches, sales professionals, small business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and those looking to build their business successfully and become more visible in the marketplace.  GODFIDENCE BUSINESS SCHOOL is ONLY for those who are serious and ready about pursuing success and stepping into their calling.

No matter what field you’re in….whether you’re a seasoned multimillion-dollar business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or just ready to stop sitting on your dreams…this is the kind of support, inspiration, information and accountability you’ve been looking for.  After all, you already know in your heart that there is so much more you’re supposed to accomplish and share with the world, and you know you’re not really doing it right now. You’re not alone and you don’t have to go it alone.

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Q. There are others who teach expert seminars. Why should I learn from Marshawn and Faculty?

Many people who call themselves experts have not appeared in the media, delivered a major speaking engagement, or written a book in YEARS! I don’t know about you, but I believe in surrounding myself with people who DO what they SAY, not people who SAY what they DO. I am an active international speaker, media personality, and author who runs a very successful corporate consulting business as well. I take pride in everything I do and I am NOT holding back…I never do! If you’ve been FRUSTRATED with not knowing how to move your message and your mission forward in a profitable way, I understand. I have been there and it’s NO fun. However, there is a better way. What you need is a tailored strategy.  It is TIME that you USE the gifts that you’ve been given. The Mastermind groups will be small so you will get to work with Marshawn directly. You will get to ask me questions, and I will take time to make sure you have an action plan for moving forward. Click the button below (or click here) to learn more about Marshawn – you’ll see why she is the bonafide expert when it comes to building your business in a brilliant way!


Q. Is the tuition tax-deductible?

Generally speaking, yes. Most professional development courses can be written off in part or completely as a business expense. Please consult with your tax adviser about your specific situation.

Q. What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds for the mastermind program.  By applying you are agreeing to a year long commitment regardless of the financing and payment option you select.  We do not issue refunds because we do not enable quitting, we believe in accountability, honoring commitments, and finishing what you start.  Refunds are only given if your application is not accepted and you are denied admission into the program.  Deposits are otherwise non-refundable.  All tuition payments are non-refundable.  The year-long agreement is a non-cancellable installment contract. No exceptions. 

Q. What is the format and schedule?

The Launch ME, Captivate and Influencer Tier Programs are yearlong programs. We meet by phone and online several times a month and have three in-person retreats in beautiful Atlanta.

Dates and times for calls and future retreats will be sent to you upon registration. Recordings will be available so you can listen at your convenience if you are unable to be on the call.

Q: For what type of person is the Godfidence Business School Mastermind Program NOT going to work?

This program isn’t for everyone. It isn’t for whiners, chronic complainers, or cranky skeptics who make excuses and blame others for every bad decision they’ve made in their life. Here’s the deal… In my life, I really only like working with fun, caring, mission-driven, open-minded people, who don’t make excuses and are ready to make changes in their lives. With this program, I am creating a safe space so you can learn, experience transformations, camaraderie and support, and so you can create amazing relationships for growth and support, too. The bottom line is I want you to have a blast in this program – that is, have a lot of fun, while experiencing outstanding results. So, I want to make sure I’m really clear that this program is only for people very serious about getting their marketing in place for success; making more money; and being open, authentic and very efficient business owners. It is not for people who make excuses and resist or question every proven suggestion I will give them, just because that’s how they operate in their own lives. If you are a negative or consistently skeptical person, then I promise you, this program would be a waste of time for you, because we WILL be taking a no-excuses approach to you getting what you want in your business and your life.

Q: What if I don’t have a business yet. Will any of this be applicable for me?

While the majority of our students have established businesses, it’s perfectly ok if you’re still in the planning stages of your business. If you have no list at all at this time, then the Godfidence Business School Mastermind program is perfect for you because it’s going to start you off on the right foot as you begin laying the foundation and planning for your future business. The key denominator is that people who thrive from this program are “advancing people” who want to become even more successful at what they do—including growing their business, making more money, and serving more clients and customers.

Q: What if I sell a product instead of a program, and I’m looking for more customers instead of more clients. Will this still be applicable to me?

Yes, this applies to everyone, not just people who are looking for new clients. As long as you’re looking to go beyond your current limits, reach more people and create greater results in your business, in your life or in your service to others, then yes, this is just the right program for you.

Q: When do the Launch ME and Captivate Masterminds start?

The yearlong program starts immediately! We are only opening registration for a short window. Our next retreats are held every quarter… and you will get instant access to the community forum and can start networking and forming life-long business relationships. If you’re like me and like to start immediately once you make an investment, you don’t have to wait.

Q: How many other students are in the GODFIDENCE BUSINESS SCHOOL?

It’s difficult to say with certainty exactly how many students will be enrolling in the program this year. However, you’ll love that there will be enough fellow students  to support great collaboration, fantastic networking and joint-venture opportunities with your peers, yet the group is intimate enough that there’s a close-knit bond in our supportive (yet private-members only) Facebook communities. Rest assured, our Mastermind programs have been created with your success in mind. We believe that “everything you need is in this group” and this has proven itself time and time again.

Q: The program sounds amazing but I think I want to implement the information I’ve learned so far on my own before I get started… Is this the right thing to do?

It’s been my experience, from coaching thousands and thousands of business owners, that when they are left to their own devices to implement on their own, it inevitably fails. Why? Because entrepreneurs are people who are strong “starters,” eager to begin new things, but not strong “finishers.” On your own, and without accountability, you’ll likely implement only some of the elements. However, with the support of a strong coach (me) giving you step-by-step guidance, providing valuable content, getting you unstuck when you get stuck, and giving you daily accountability with the unconditional support of a structured environment of peers who care about you, your implementation increases dramatically. Without it, you tend to go back to your old ways of doing things and have slow results. This is why I am ALWAYS being coached and mentored, too. I wouldn’t implement as quickly if I didn’t have that high level of accountability myself.

Q: I’m in another program right now. Should I wait until that one is done before enrolling in the GODFIDENCE BUSINESS SCHOOL?

If you are currently working with a coach or mentor or you belong to a mastermind group, congratulations! And yet don’t fall prey to the false assumption that you can get everything you need from just one person or program. I belong to several high-level mentoring programs & masterminds….plus I attend a number of conferences each year. Why so much mentorship at once? Because I don’t subscribe to the erroneous belief that you can only work with one mentor at a time. I work with different mentors with different skill sets in different areas of business growth, spiritual principles, mindset and more. And as a result, I have more accountability and access to resources than I would have otherwise, and so I take SO much more action than if I were only doing one program. Most importantly, please understand something: if you want to build your platform NOW, if you want an increase in your income NOW, if you want a shift in your business NOW, then you must take action NOW. My question to you would be… why would you unnecessarily delay the results you could be experiencing now?

Q: I know I belong in this program but I’m not sure I can afford the tuition right now.

When any opportunity for growth is presented to you, it’s important to evaluate it based on the value and specific results you will receive from it, not based on what it “costs.” When looking at my own opportunities for investing in myself, I subscribe to the ‘4x model’ taught to me by one of MY mentors. “If I implement everything that is presented to me in the program, using the step-by-step methods and all the support and accountability that is built in, is it likely that I will make 4 times my investment back in the program in the next 12-24 months?” If the answer is “YES!” then indeed, it is a very good investment. (This is why I continue to invest in myself each year on different programs, and I get returns that are 4-10x that as a result.) Students of ME UNIVERSITY are thrilled to report that the program pays for itself in the form of new clients, greater confidence, and new opportunities & growth quickly, and then some, with many making back their full-pay investment in a matter of weeks or months… sometimes days (read the program reviews from HAPPY CLIENTS to witness this). The structured environment and curriculum ensure that you take action very quickly and consistently. The goal is to create momentum and to help you get started now! Obviously if this investment is going to bring financial hardship to you and your family, even at the low monthly installment level, then you may not be ready. But realize that if it IS within your comfortable grasp, then investing in yourself is the BEST investment there is because you get results that pay for the program and then some, and you can use the learning for the rest of your career.

Q: What do I say to my spouse if they are skeptical? How do I get them to support me?


First, you can tell them that enrolling in GODFIDENCE BUSINESS SCHOOL is an investment that you are making in yourself and your business—and that you will be learning to master one of the most lucrative opportunities available. Tell them that this is not a typical training, but that it’s a “work & learn” and high-level business training. You are attending to do some serious work on your brand and getting information necessary to turn your passion, story, gifts, and expertise into a business. Remind them that this is more than your dream – this is part of your called and something you feel very led to do. This is a business and an opportunity, but it’s even bigger than just that. Tell them that Marshawn has walked this path and will be sharing exactly what she did to become one of the most in-demand, active and highly paid speakers in the country—with clients like HP, Delta Air Lines, Rolls-Royce, Tiffany & Co. And that being part of the ME University community means that you are also associating with these brands, too. Remind them that this is the TIME to be focusing on creating our own economy as a family. We have to take control of our finances and make investments in our future. That there has never been a time with more opportunity as so many in the world are seeking answers and guidance—that you can provide. And finally, ask for their support as you seek to live your divine calling at a deeper and higher level. (Family + Finances Note for those with Children): Studies have found that moms and dads are better parents when they are living their calling with purpose, passion, and fulfillment. It helps their kids expand their horizons and make better choices. There are times when parents need to invest funds into their own development so that they can provide a better life for their family. A short-term investment can produce long-term rewards. Remind your spouse that this is not going to be “taking away” time and resources from your family. In fact, by stepping into your calling and creating a lucrative brand, you will be able to bring even more to your family, your marriage, your children, and your life. Here are some talking points for you (if they apply):

  • Sharing my voice & raising my visibility is one of the best ways to elevate my brand, business, and/or income.
  • Speakers attract more clients, opportunities, and income far more easily than those who do not speak.
  • I want to learn from someone that knows what they are doing.
  • Marshawn has been there and is currently doing what I want to do. She is someone with similar values, beliefs, character and work ethic to mine. She is also a woman of faith and operates at a very high levels in the marketplace.
  • Marshawn has a ton of success stories working with people just like me.
  • It is best to learn from someone who is currently doing what I want to do so that I can get the right guidance.
  • I am committed to succeeding at this. I just need your commitment and support.

It is very important and helpful to include your spouse in the growth of your business and brand. The mutual benefit of you living your purpose and following your dreams can actually strengthen your relationship and family. In our experience, spouses who don’t know the coach or who don’t understand the details of the program being presented don’t always immediately see the value in the investment. Typically, the spouse is skeptical and wants to be reassured that this isn’t just another ‘bright shiny object’ for the entrepreneur, but rather, something that is going to produce real results and provide a substantial return on investment. Here’s what my other clients do with the information above… When presenting the opportunity of joining this program to your partner, it’s important that you show your spouse: 1) what the program specifically entails, 2) what solutions it provides, 3) what makes it different from other programs you’ve experienced, i.e., the daily accountability structures and 4) the number of success stories from others who’ve gone through it and the results they’ve gotten. That’s the most important: Be sure to sit down with your spouse (or business partner) to read the program reviews and success stories. In the end, your partner simply wants the best for you, and when you describe what you’ll get and what your return on investment will be, you will likely have full support!

Q: Will I get individual 1-on-1 time with Marshawn & members of Team ME?

Yes, all of our Mastermind programs include time with Marshawn. There are three live mastermind retreats with her —and a private quick start call with the coach dedicated to your program. (Jack A. Daniels for the Captivate program and Marshawn for the Launch ME program). Each program also includes monthly Q&A call with Marshawn and biweekly calls with other members of Team ME, during which you can ask any and all of the questions that have come up for you during the month.

If you’re looking for even more 1-on-1, the Amplify Tier might be for you. Our clients who are not yet ready for that level of investment receive plenty ofguidance, support and accountability from Marshawn, Team ME, and fellow Masterminders.

Our company is one of the leading coaching firms in the world! We know how to help you get results, and we’ve found that the BEST results occur in community where you can guidance, support and accountability. Of course, Marshawn and our support team are there for you and happy to guide you along your way. You will be entering into a very powerful community. We would love to welcome you, support you and work with you.

Q: I know I want to do GODFIDENCE BUSINESS SCHOOL, but I’ve got a lot on my plate. Can I join later in the year?

Registration for the Godfidence Business School Mastermind programs is only open for this short window of time. There will be a waiting list. You know I only tell you the truth and here’s where I’m going to take a stand for you: If you want to join one of our Mastermind programs and you know deep in your heart that you’d get great results from it, then do it now.  It’s going to be a year until we open registration again… and frankly, I wouldn’t delay getting results. In fact, my answer for people who are wondering whether to make changes in their situation now or wait, is this: Why would you unnecessarily DELAY the results you want NOW? Waiting until later to do something that you know will create great results in your life is the essence of “self sabotage.” Just like starting a family, there’s never a perfect time to do anything. You will always have stuff on your plate, you’ll always be busy and no time will ever be perfect, except… well, now. Isn’t it time to finally prioritize your divine purpose? You’re worth this. And, you’re ready for it. You’re not reading this page by accident.

Q: Marshawn, based on everything I’ve read and heard, I know you’re the mentor I want to learn from and that the GODFIDENCE BUSINESS SCHOOL Mastermind  program is perfect for me. It’s what I have been waiting for. What’s next?

Great! Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that they take action? They take educated risks, are decisive, take action, and they move forward towards success faster as a direct result of this. It’s a well-known fact these people make decisions based on their gut instinct. So, that being said, since the Captivate or Launch ME Mastermind feels right for you, then go for it. OK, all you have to do now is click on the “Apply Now” button, fill out your application information  and payment arrangement. We’ll review your application and get back to you with your acceptance into the program.


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