From First Lady to Fruitful CEO: Jevonnah Ellison

A big God does NOT call you to do small things.

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Students in the Godfidence Business School come from so many different walks of life—from healers, ministers and business coaches to bakers, artists and fitness experts. (Godfidence principles work for everyone, y’all!). But one thing they do have in common is that they not only had a calling, they also acted on it. Remember, the difference between the called and the chosen is that the chosen choose to answer! So, for today’s Be Inspired series, I want to introduce you to Lady J, an amazing womanpreneur who paid attention to the BIG things God was calling her to do.


Purpose Strategist, Leadership Coach, Speaker
Member, Captivate Coaching Program of the Godfidence Business School

Jevonnah Ellison

Biggest Fear, Frustration or Challenge:
“I was struggling with getting my message to a larger audience and to my ideal clients. I was ready to expand my ministry into the marketplace and just needed direction on where to start and what next steps to take.”

Big Action She Took:
“I started before I was ready—opportunity favors those who are decisive. I made the investment… After all, I can’t get a return on an investment I don’t make. I understood the importance of having a coach: a coach helps you think bigger, live bigger, DO better! And I stopped waiting because “waiting is not a wealth strategy” – I created products, launched VIP days and wrote my book.”

Big Results:
* Made $50,000 in live events in a year, including $10,000 in 4 minutes of speaking
* Signed several coaching clients at $3,500 and $7,500 each. I had $7,000 in book sales the first night of a launch.
* I’m on track to generate 6-figures in 2015
* My relationship with my dad is restored and I used my rejection for direction.
* My book, You Have What it Takes, was published by Thomas Nelson & Zondervan.
* Launched “The Rejection to Direction Experience” – an online virtual conference.
* Was Interviewed by Michael Hyatt and was 2014 Best Year Ever Finalist.
* Launched 9 VIP & Deep Dive VIP Days.
* Created a series of profitable products and online courses.
* Received Humanitarian Award from the United Nations, spoke at International Women’s Day at Auburn University and was interviewed on TBN.
* Paid off $53,968 of debt.
* Crossed the finish line for my 13th full Los Angeles Marathon!

Big Advice:
“A” players attract “A” players. To grow, get around people who are performing at the level that you want to be performing at and learn from them. Use their journey as inspiration to launch you to your next level of success. Never settle. Success is hardly a destination. It ought to be a continual, lifelong journey. I love learning and taking action. My life exists to serve others.”

Join me in celebrating the phenomenal Lady J!

She is is a living example of what happens when you listen to the BIG message God’s giving you… and surround yourself with the people who can help you keep stepping into it.
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  1. Desiree
    4 years ago

    Talk about inspiration!!! I am now even more convinced that this is the direction that God wants me to go in. Thank you for sharing your story!!!