From Artist to Amazon Best-Seller: Jade Simmons

 Dreams come true when you start being true to you. #Godfidence

I absolutely love being able to share inspirational examples of true Godfidence in Action.

God constantly reminds me how important it that we share our stories—because our story is pre-designed to inspire and change someone else’s story.

So, this morning we are kicking off a new, beautiful series called Be Inspired.

Each Saturday, we plan to bring you a real story from aspiring, emerging and established life-changers who are facing their fears, leaving their comfort zones, and maximizing their God-potential… by any means necessary!

Their success represents the essence of faith and Godfidence in Action.  I mean…why else would you need Godfidence?  After all, what’s the point in Believing Bigger if you’re not going to Live Bigger?

To kick off the series…

I am thrilled to introduce you to Jade Simmons, a member of our Launch ME Mastermind.


Pianist with a Purpose and Emergence Expert

Jade Simmons

Big Fear, Frustration or Challenge:
“When I joined the Godfidence Business School and the Launch ME Mastermind, I had just decided to add consulting and coaching to my performance and speaking activities. I was struggling with systematization and knew I would need help to strategically rebrand. I was having trouble with gaining traction from the momentum I’d already built AND converting from the freelance “artist” mindset to a enterprise-minded business that included passive income streams.”

Big Action She Took:
“I organized my many ideas, creations, and projects under the umbrella of one main idea — helping inspired people turn their creative passion into profitable enterprise. I’m streamlining my offerings and my messaging for clarity–and created a pitch-friendly presentation. I created a long-term action plan for the consulting side of my business.”

Big Results:

  • I am now signing for $12,000 – $15,000 per speaking gig. I’m booking at churches & non-profits at $6,500 – $8,000 and recently closed $25,000 and $15,000 speaking engagements.
  • Wrote and launched Audacious Prayers for World Changers, which hit #1 in sales on Amazon.
  • I’m running my 8-week School of Emergence “Passion to Profit Intensive” at $3,200/person and have a “course-in-a-box” version of the live training.
    I hosted Power. Passion. Purpose! Women’s Conference and Retreat: The Ultimate Experience in Houston, TX.
  • I launched new 9 month mastermind for women “ready to birth their creative babies.”

Big Advice:
“To have faith. I’m literally walking out all my favorite scriptures on faith. God’s confirmed that my decision to join Godfidence was not my own whim but His intervention, which gives me great confidence in my decisions moving forward. Being in Godfidence has cured me of my Lone Ranger syndrome! I’ve been awakened to the power of community and it came at a time when God was doing similar work in my personal life and in what is now becoming a more literal ministry. Every tuition payment has been supernaturally provided by way of new consulting clients, enrollees in the School of Emergence or new bookings that I’ve been able to secure AFTER SAYING YES!! Saying yes to doing things differently and being a better steward of my talents seemed to open certain divine gates and started a shift in my destiny.”

Join me in celebrating the amazing Jade!

She is is a living example of what happens when you stay true to you
as you follow God’s Master Plan.

Inspired? Wanna be Next?

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Be Inspired. Be Next.

Best blessings,

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