From Pigeonholed to Preachers of Detroit: Bishop Corletta Vaughn

Heaven anointed you to TRANSFORM, not to conform.


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Thank you for the wonderful feedback about this Be Inspired series. I am so excited they are so popular because I LOVE sharing these amazing messengers with you… And helping you see, remember and awaken the amazing messenger within yourself.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a super-fun person you won’t soon forget.

Presiding Prelate, Go Tell It Ministry
Member, Amplify Coaching Program of the Godfidence Business School

Bishop VaughnBiggest Fear, Frustration or Challenge:
“I was struggling with being pigeoned-holed in only one area of speaking with 40 years in ministry. I needed the tools and information to matriculate from ministry speaking to marketplace speaking. I was ignorant of what my options were and the resources to make the leap.”

Big Action She Took:
“With Marshawn, I breathed new words into my vocabulary. I entered the world of coaching and HOLLYWOOD. I signed a contract with NBC/Universal to became an official cast member of Preachers of Detroit! Emerging past the scope of the church was the KEY lesson of my journey. Having Marshawn to breathe new words into my vocabulary was liberating. Being able to put in words in this next phase of my career, and articulate clean and precise with others has been PRICELESS.”

Big Results:

* Received a $50,000 TV Income Boost and a MILLION DOLLAR Book Rider, Speaking Opportunities and more.

* Multiple interviews in multiple NATIONAL MEDIA outlets.

* I’m shooting a reality show and adding new churches.

* Pre-sales for my new book have skyrocketed.

* Launched new coaching mastermind program.

* Learning to work with publicists, attorneys, makeup, hair, and clothes.

* New talent for national network.

* Made the shift from ministry to industry!

Big Advice:

My confidence was already at 1,000,000, so that was not an issue… but what has shifted is the way in which I go about pitching myself, and the wonderful new opportunities now in my path. My vocabulary is steadily growing and I am in a NEW learning curve in life. ANYONE who wants to do this, must believe, invest and execute. Don’t ponder long or rethink yourself.

Join me in celebrating the transformed Bishop Corletta!

She is is a living example of someone who is following Heaven’s instruction as she’s stepping into possibilities beyond her imagination.

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